SMS Spam Message Increases

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After coming back in Saudi Arabia I have received SPAM Marketing Messages from different company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . The problem is that all messages are being sent in Arabic language that I could not understand. So obviously messages are not for us expats, but for Saudi and Arab speaking Nationals.

Those company should have a program to filter expats numbers. Furthermore it is better if Mobily, STC , Zain ( Saudi Mobile Carrier ) could have an option to block unnecessary marketing SMS messages. It is good that UAE will start filtering spam Message. I don’t know if SMART, Globe, PLDT has this kind of system being implemented in the Philippines.

The UAE TRA has confirmed that it has put in place a new policy to cut down on the amount of spam received in the UAE.

The first policy will focus on mobile SMS spam, with both UAE operators, Etisalat and du, required to gain consent from users before sending them marketing messages.

Good for UAE residents. So what do you think ? Are you also annoyed with this messages being sent without consent.

Just for information you may want to know on how to activate globe roaming while outside Philippines.

Dexter Panganiban

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    In the Philippines, Globe and Smart are the spammers. They will entice you to download some music or ring tones, they o0ffer it for free in the first download but you are automatically subscribed to a paid and recurring program, grrr.

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    Same here in q8! first they send messages in arabic, then followed by an english version, so basically, they will send 2 sms.

    however, there are also occassions that they only send arabic version, then that’s the time that I need my arab friend to translate it for me… 🙂

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    Yeah they’re pretty annoying. There are some apps which can help you block the spam. You could try them out..

    Take Care

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      Dexter Panganiban


      In Saudi arabia , lots of Government agency use text message to keep you inform. The problem is we cannot determine if a message that comes are legit or just spam. because of arabic language

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    Hi Dexter,
    Got this link from twitter/RSS too. I thought you are discussing about SMS Spam in Philippines so I’ve checked the post since I also blogged about some notorious sms spam/scam making waves in Philippines (, but your post is about SMS Spam in Saudi pala 🙂 and wSo each region have their own problem with SMS spam pala.

    Sad to say that Smart/Globe/PLDT and NTC are not effective in combating these sms spam/scam and their senders (as readers in my posts have lots of complaints about the issue especially on the Sam Mendoza/Marie Velasco, Hon Load mo ako scam posts)

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      Dexter Panganiban

      Ha ha ha.. Oo nga , The problem is that SPAM Messages that we are receiving here in Saudi is written in Arabic Message. There are time which we need to ask arabs to translate it for us because we are afraid that it might mean something important.

      By The way your comment goes directly to SPAM inbox by Akismet. Good that I am checking every comment before I press permanent Delete 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by.

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