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PR Updates, What About Your Blog ?

Jan 2, 2009 by     4 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips

Did you know that there has been a PR Updates that happen during the New Year, I only noticed it now upon reading my blog readers.  Maybe many of us is busy preparing for the New Year or having Good time in Vacation. Techathand.net remains PR3 but some of my blogs increased and some decreases it’s PR. BTW my Personal Blog got it’s PR now with PR1 🙂

PR Updates, What About Your Blog ?

So to all of You PR conscious, have you noticed this one ?

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  • bah I’m still PR 0. I guess I need to shoot google an apology letter now. ^_^

  • I got back my lost PR3 for The Lady Programmer, a rise from PR1 to PR2 for my personal blog, and a small PR for my PTC blog.

    Yabang noh? Just happy.

    But I’ve noticed that there are a lot of blogs that do paid posts but still retained/regained their PR.

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