CES 2009 : HP Mini 2140 Netbook

HP Mini 2140 Netbook

Just 2 days ago I have been drooling to buy a Netbook but this CES let me think twice, thrice and again and again. One of the reason is I know that there will be lots of new Netbook to be shown in CES 2009. Hewlett-Packard is one of those companies that shown it new HP Mini 2140 Netbook. HP Mini 2140 Netbook claims to be a netbook for business Users.

So what is the The Specs :

Well, an upgraded mobile Atom processor (1.6GHz) from Intel Corp, 120GB hard disk or an 80GB solid state drive, backlit 10-inch LCD display screen (16:9 aspect ratio), hard drive accelerometer, a full ExpressCard/54 slot, a total physical weight of 2.6 pounds , and a six-cell battery capable of delivering up to eight hours of mobile operation.

The HP Mini 2140 will have defined aluminium construction and a large keyboard layout that’s 92 percent the size of a standard notebook keyboard.

Set to hit retail outlets before the end of January, the Mini 2140 is likely to come with a starting price of $499 USD, which is around $100 USD higher than other Netbook alternatives.

Source : thetechherald.com

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