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Google Suggest Is Now Rolling Out

Aug 26, 2008 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Gooogle

imageGoogle Suggest  which I am using for keyword research will now be incorporated and will be combined with the Google Home Page. Google has just announced that they will be now implementing this.

Today we’re excited because Google Suggest will be “graduating” from Labs and available by default on the Google.com homepage. Over the next week, we’ll be rolling this out so that more and more of you will start seeing a list of query suggestions when you start typing into the search box.

The following are just some of the Advantage that it may give to Google Users [ Extracted from Google Post ]

  • Help formulate queries: Instead of just typing [hotels in washington] – did you want [hotels in washington dc] or [hotels in washington state]? Don’t remember that song title or person’s name? Let Google help you search (and yes, I ended up choosing “From This Moment” as our wedding song).

Google Suggest Is Now Rolling Out

  • Reduce spelling errors: Since suggestions are spell-corrected using the same “Did you mean?” feature that offers alternative spellings for your query after you search, misspellings and typos can be corrected ahead of time. Instead of wasting your time with a misspelled query like [new yrok times] or [tomorow never dies], search the first time with the correctly-spelled query.

Google Suggest Is Now Rolling Out

  • Saves keystrokes: Who wants to spend their time typing [san francisco chronicle] when you can just type in “san f…” and choose the suggestion right away?

Google Suggest Is Now Rolling Out

This will affect those bloggers that are fun of optimizing those wrong spelling keywords because as you know, Google will immidiately suggest the propoer spelling of the keyword research. Remember I once optimized for “ Downlaod “ and “Googel”.

So need to know where we can optimized for more 🙂

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  • Скажите, где найти хозяина techathand.net.

    С меня пыво)

  • @Dyimz
    Well not necessarily, you can still optimize for misspelled keywords because not everyone takes advantage of Google suggest and of course there is still other search engines.

    And as a tip, you can optimize for wrong grammar as well. A lot people use search by typing in questions and a good number of them have incorrect sentence constructions. Teehee. 😀

  • naku, tapos na nga ang pagoptimize ng mga misspelled keywords… 🙁

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