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My Site is Not Cached By Google

Aug 5, 2008 by     5 Comments    Posted under: Gooogle, Site Updates

Just today when I check my Google Webmaster Tools I just found out that the site is not cached by Google.

Google Webmaster Tools - Overview Cached

Does Anybody experienced this before. I will have to dig this issue since I know it will make problem in the future. I have already contacted Google for this matter.

I think this is a  result when my site was down for about 3 days before I transfer to Dream Host. Anyway I will keep you inform in the future on how will I fix this one. The below screen shot was taken in my Google Webmaster’s Tool , All errors shown came at the time when my site is down. Imagine 571 post is not found . So that only means Google Crawl my site while my database is still having some problem.

Google Webmaster Tools - Overview

I just hope it can be fixed as soon as Google access my site again.

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  • Did you bother to look at the source code of your homepage?

    To save you some time, look for this code in the source of your homepage:

    • Look for this code:

      • Come on now! Why does the code get removed from my post. Anyway, it’s a robots meta tag with noarchive attribute.

  • That was a good move by checking your stats in Google Webmaster tools. Just fix those errors and in the next crawl, everything will be fine.

    • actually upon checking it today.. SERP is fine my last google crawl was aug 6 ,, but still it is not cache.

      I also suspect the use of global translator was one source of the problem

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