Use Google Hotel Finder to Compare and Find Hotel

Use Google Hotel Finder to Compare and Find HotelI am a type person that sometimes travel both for business and for pleasure. Normally I will check Google maps for location and the hotels near the place where I need to visit, Then I will go to review site to find out the best hotel for me, not only for the rate but the reviews of people who have experienced the place. Good to know that Google is experimenting on Google’s Hotel Finder. Google Hotel finder will aim to give the information that a traveller would like to see in order to plan for the trip.

According to, Google Hotel Finder is a search tool specifically designed to make it easier to find and compare hotels for your trips. The features include:

  • Draw simple shapes to define the neighborhoods (yes, more than one!) that interest you.
  • See popular locations on maps with highlights
  • One click adds hotels to your shortlist, where you can review them easily.
  • See if you will get a good deal by by comparing a hotel’s current price with its typical one.

It starts with the filter on the left hand side that gives you various options such as:

  • Location Filters (with drawing shapes
  • Dates for your stay
  • Price point filters
  • Hotel ratings & user rating filters

Please be informed that as of this post, Google Hotel finder is only available in United States.

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