Touch Mirror with MP3 Player

Touch Mirror

This is not just a concept. This is for real. This is Stocco’s Maitre Bathroom Mirror.This mirror integrates a touch screen directly into the mirror. What are the touch screen for? You would probably ask.

This touchscreen console has a built-in radio, clock, MP3 player and a barometer to finish it off.  It also has a clock to keep track of time. It is mounted on an aluminum frame that is flush with the mirror itself.  To plug your MP3 player into it, you need to access below the screen on the underside of the mirror itself.  This touch mirror can currently be purchased in sizes ranging from 90cm on up to 2 meters.

This is best for those who people who spend so much time in front of the mirror singing, while listening to their favorite songs. You can also use this while spending more time during shower or while relaxing on your bath tub.


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