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Are You With Bing ?

Jun 3, 2009 by     22 Comments    Posted under: SEO Tips

When I heard the news about Bing.com, The new search Engine from Microsoft I started to explore the possibilities being in the Bing SERP. And of course the first thing that I explored is the Bing Webmaster Tools , Beofre you can access the Bing Webmaster Tools , You better activate your hotmail e-mail.  I have activated my long forgotten Hotmail E-Mail 🙂 I tried to check my robots.txt thru their robots.txt validator and here is what I got,

71. User-agent: Mediapartners-Google* Line #71: User-agent: Mediapartners-Google* Error: * and another agent can’t be specified on the same line.

The problem is I cannot modify this one because this is provided by Google Adsense. Hmm something strange. I tried to Authenticate my site thru Bing Website Authentication and here is what I got :

We are unable to authenticate your permission to access this website. We tried both authentication methods and received the following errors with each: XML File Authentication – We received a 404 file not found error when attempting to download the file. HTML META Tag – We were not able to locate your authorization code.

For more information, please refer to the Authentication Error Messages page, or the Authentication Information page for more information on how to properly configure your site for authentication

I don’t know why this error appear since I have installed my meta tag properly. But when I log out and return to their system and tried to authenticate my site it is now fine. I think it has something to do with the Wp Super Cache. I also tried the HTTP compression and HTTP conditional GET test tool and I think I got a good results for the first time no errors 🙂 . You can also try to read their guidelines for Succesful Indexing and Webmaster Forums. If  Google Webmaster Tools is important which I shared before , I believe this Bing Webmaster Tools is also important for us webmaster.

By the way I got 76 unique Visitors referred by  Bing yesterday..

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  • I use both Bing and Google search engine and i dont see much difference in their search results. I use google for searching hard to find academic topics and Bing for general search.

  • i think that Bing is not as good as Google. Google would still index new websites faster than Bing. Microsoft would still need a lot of catching to do with GoogleBot.

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  • I haven’t really looked into bing all that much yet, except to see that they’ve been sending me a few more visitors than msn live did. I certainly didn’t know they were offering webmaster tools! I’ll have to try them out and see if they’re any good. 🙂

    • @Noah | WealthNet Partners,

      You might try it as well, Bing gives good traffic and adclicks trigger happy visitors 🙂

  • dami naipapasok na traffic sakin nyang bing na yan…

  • Hi Dex!

    Thanks again for sharing your experience in Bing. This is again a new competition in the search engine ranking. Before in Google, now in Google and Bing. I heard, Bing already surpasses Yahoo in the search engine traffic.
    [rq=1983,0,blog][/rq]Business Face-off: Entrepreneur versus Employee

    • @Vic,

      Bing made a news , last week and because of that news it is now being tested by different people.. I can only say that it can surpass Yahoo after a month of trial..

  • ah ganun sige susubukan kong gawin , salamat ha

  • uhmmm.nasa Authenticate your ownership of your website na ko. di ko na alam next step

    • @batangokra,

      Kailangang ilagay mo sa head section yung meta tag na ibinibigay nila para makasigurado sila na sa iyo yung website na ipinapasa mo

  • Para saan po ang webmaster tools?
    Bago lang kasi ako kaya gusto malaman.

    • @batangokra,
      Para itong makasigurado ka na nababasa ng ayos ng search engine ang website mo

  • I added one of my blogs just over a day ago – I noticed it’s new name, Bing, but I simply dismissed that observation.

    I still find my hotmail very handy for any related to Microsoft.

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    • @Gem,

      Let’s just hope that this new search engine could lead to more income opportunity for us 🙂

  • Dex, I used your referral link .. sana makakuha din ako traffic jan 🙂

    Glenns last blog post..gL3nnx.net moves to a new server

    • @Glenn,
      Ganoon ba . wala naman referral link dito eh :).. Kasi parang google din ito.. sana nga makakuha tayo ng traffic dito 🙂

      Dexters last blog post..Are You With Bing ?

  • dami na talaga ako pagstudyhan may bago naman na tinuro sa atin c sir dexter.heheh

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  • Sir Dex,
    Kagabi ko lang na-try yan, nagulat nga ako eh kse msn ang binuksan ko pero “bing” ang lumabas, but i like the info on the side 🙂

    aristons last blog post..Electric Powered Wheelchair Design by Jake Eadie

    • @ariston,

      Oo nga maugong ang balitang yan kaya kailangan maka pwesto na rin tayo kung may pagkakataon

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