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I Just Received my First Ever PayPal Payments

Jan 26, 2008 by     15 Comments    Posted under: Money Matters

Today is a great day. You know why? I just confirm that my dollar transfer from PayPal to my Citibank VISA Credit Card has been completed. I have transferred a total of $175.

I have paid $5 to PayPal to do the transaction and actually it is completed in just a week. After verifying my account with the credit that they have charged my Citibank Credit Card I Immediately transfer the amount on my account.

I am glad to report that I have received the amount thru my Credit Card. What is surprising is the exchange rate is higher than expected. They have given me an exchange rate of PHP 41.85 to  $ 1.00 . It is good since the prevailing rate in the market is almost PHP 40.8 only.

The only question that I still need to study is why there is a limit of withdrawal of about $500. Even I am verified user. I still have to check this out. Anyway I am not yet reaching $500 in my online transaction. Let see in the future.

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  • @ Amy,

    Siguro yung adsense cheque ko parating na rin .. medyo delayed yata ngayon.

  • wow congrats dex!!!!
    ako naman i’m still waiting for my very first adsense payment.

  • @ Mikko

    Maybe you would like to tell your story and give us a link here.

  • My limit is $5,000 I guess (verified premier member).

    Now, my limit has been lowered back to $100.00 temporarily cause of some issues on my account. PayPal still hasn’t refunded me my $1.95 verification fee. 🙁

  • @ balidreamhome

    It is good to know that it works with you as well

  • so do I, Indonesian blogger also can withdraw virtual money from paypal and being transfered to Credit Card account, mine is done few weeks a go.. cheers

  • @ nimrodjo

    Yeah it is, and I am just a part time blogger. What more would be the full time one

  • Bloggers do make money online…congrats…

  • @ James,

    You are right.

    BTW , Why is it that your comment always goes to the Akismet capture? Many times I have removed your comment in there.

  • @ derek

    Your welcome check for future updates about bank codes.

  • wow. galing. iniisip ko na rin transfer yung sa akin. buti n lng nakita ko na pede na sa bank account, thanks for all the info

  • Congrats on your withdrawal, Dex!

    Fortunately next time, you won’t have to pay additional charges and hopefully won’t have to wait a long time to get your withdrawal now that PayPal has started offering direct transfer to Philippine bank accounts.

  • […] PayPal is increasing visibility in Philippines , Just yesterday it has been announced that Filipinos can now withdraw their PayPal money directly thru Philippine Local Bank. […]

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