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Engadget Scored 14 Million Pageviews on the Apple Notebook Event

Oct 18, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

Did you know how much traffic did Engadget have during the launch of the New Macbook ? Well it is a whooping 14 million Pageviews on that particular day, according to a leaked internal mail reposted by TechCrunch. They reported 1.3 million unique’s, so that’s almost 11 Pageviews per person. That’s a record for the site. on the other hand Weblogs Inc. as a whole served 23.9 million pageviews, and 3.4 million unique’s, another all-time high according to the internal email.

Wow.. lotس of visitors for a single event. It’s a thousands of dollar from Advertisers 🙂

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