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Excel Tip : What If You forget your Excel Sheet Password ?

Jan 17, 2008 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Random Post

Commonly Used Alt Keys (Shortcut) in Microsoft ExcelFrom time to time I am sharing some Tips about Microsoft Excel since I am a heavy user of this program. So here my sharing for today. You can see my other article at my archive page for Microsoft Excel.

There are some instances that You forget the password that you made for your excel sheet. And sometimes you are becoming crazy to crack by yourself. Are you tired of doing it. Well it is good to tell you that there is a program that I use for almost 2 years that becomes very helpful for me.

The program is being renewed every year and it is for free. By Blogging about it , I am just telling to the author a big thanks since this tool was really of big help for my Work.

Here the 6 steps in removing your Excel Sheet Password

1) Open any new file in Microsoft Excel

File >>> Open >> New

2) Set your macro Security to Medium

Tools >>> Macros >>> Security >>> Medium or Low

3) Run the Program the Straxx Password Removal

[ Microsoft Office Excel Add-In ] that you could download at the below given link. Just press the downloaded Microsoft Office Excel Add-In and it will tell you that the Password Removal is installed. If something goes wrong check again you Macro Security Setting.

4) Open the file with Excel Sheet Password

Try to open the file with Protected sheet

5)Then run the Add-in Program

Tools >>> Unprotect Sheet / Unprotect workbooks

6) Just wait for 1 to 2 minutes and your sheet should be unprotected by now.

I hope you like this very useful Microsoft Excel Tool for you.

Download [ Straxx Password Removal ]

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