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Adsense Optimization

Jan 17, 2008 by     10 Comments    Posted under: Adsense, Experiment


Please be informed that you may see some location changes of my Google Adsense Ads . It is because I am doing  Google Adsense Optimization to get Marhgil Suggestion of getting a 3% CTR. So Please don’t be annoyed if you can see Google Adsense in Different location. I will change it in a weekly basis to see the result.

This particular Blog has not yet reached $ 1 a day. But in total I am, I am now aiming for $ 3.33 a day to have a monthly Adsense Cheque.

If you have any suggestion for my Adsense location , I will try to implement it. But at the end still I give preference to readers rather than the amount that Adsense could give me.

For the mean time I have to review my suggested to make sure that I will suceed.

Update : I am now having more than $100 a month my experiment was a success

Updates ( October 2009 ) : This post has been made about 2 years ago , I would suggest looking for my other Adsense Optimization Experiments that I am constanly doing to improove my earnings. As of now I am a constant 3 digit Dollar earner ang sometimes 4 Digit 🙂 , you may check my post about Tech At Hand Dot Net in Year 2008 and my 2008 Earnings Report | Techathand.net

Happy Blogging to all of You..

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  • @ Julia

    Hmmmm.. actually I have the same problem at my office PC all.. Adsense has been blocked.. I am still figuring it out. Because I cannot see the Adblock addons for Firepox being installed..

  • naka firefox kase aq eh

  • can/t see any of your ads eh

  • @ Lestat,

    Good for you, I will try different ads optimization thru this blog. But I don’t want to bother my viewers

  • hi dex..

    goodluck sa iyong adsense optimation.

    you can also try testing what i’ve implemented in my site..

    it is having a 2.2% CTR

  • @ Marhgil

    Maganda pala CTR mo.. anyway I will try to do first 3% then I will go as same as yours.. if I have the same visitors like yours.. 🙂

    But my other Song Lyrics Site is having higher than what I aiming here but lower on what you have.

    But still I have pass the $ 1 a day.. Adsense Link works best at my other site

  • good luck on your testing! actually, yung implementation ko sa blog ko, 6-10% yung CTR. todo-ads naman kasi 🙂 yung 3% goal, ok na yun.

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