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Excel Tricks : Hide Those %&@# Formula Errors

May 5, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Random Post

Just want to share some excel tips for you

Problem : You are making a calculation on Your Excel Sheet and suddenly when you remove your Fixed Values, Your calculated answers returns the value ( #VALUE or #DIV/0 ). This is because a certain number ort any number has been divided by Zero.

Solution : You have to use the function ISERROR

ISERROR Returns TRUE if the value is any error value

Syntax : =IF(ISERROR(Original Formula),””,(Original Formula))

Sample : =if(iserror(B4*C4),””,(B4*C4))

Conclusion : This means that if B4*C4 will result to an invalid mathematical Calculation the answer will be null ( or blank )

Hope this Tricks Helps You. If you have some question in excel email me at my contact links.

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