Man Versus Machine " nanobots "

Ray Kurzweil This kind of NEWS is really alarming for me, I love technology but I don’t want to be invaded by Machines. BBC reported that Ray Kurzweil says that

Machines will achieve human-level artificial intelligence by 2029, a leading US inventor has predicted.

“I’ve made the case that we will have both the hardware and the software to achieve human level artificial intelligence with the broad suppleness of human intelligence including our emotional intelligence by 2029,”

It was almost 20 years when I read in Comics that time will come, Earth will be invaded by machines. It is also the theme used for the movie MATRIX. Is it just a coincidence ? Ray further said that :

“We’re already a human machine civilization; we use our technology to expand our physical and mental horizons and this will be a further extension of that.”

The nanobots, he said, would “make us smarter, remember things better and automatically go into full emergent virtual reality environments through the nervous system”.

Mr Kurzweil is one of 18 influential thinkers chosen to identify the great technological challenges facing humanity in the 21st century by the US National Academy of Engineering. The experts include Google founder Larry Page and genome pioneer Dr Craig Venter.

It is not bad to use technology in advancement. But replacing human elements with 100% reliability in machines is something that I will not support. I don’t know what this scientist have in mind.

God made Earth for human and not for machines. This is what I believe and continuously believe.

Source [ bbc ]

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    well, its not really a good idea… although it will benefits humanity but there will be consequences if machines will have an AI just like human brain…

    naalala ko tuloy ung isang movie dati na about sa ganyan pero nung tumagal, machines want to conquer the world and replace humanities…d ko matandaan ung title…

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