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Google confused with my Page Rank

Feb 18, 2008 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Gooogle

PageRank Checker Well this site is not yet having a PR7 but some of Google data center is identifying this site as PR7. How did I know about it? I am using iwebtool.com to check my PR and some data center of Google says I have PR7. Upon refreshing it , It reveals another PR which is PR2. I am confused

PageRank Checker 1Well just to make sure the iwebtool is not having a problem I have made an input for some known site and it has a constant same PR even after refreshing. It is only in my site this happening. Well if my site will be promoted to PR7 well and good. Let see what will happen in the future.

You can press the picture to show what I am telling and you can share what have you seen just to help me know the situation.

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  • Is it a problem in Iwebtool or in google. ?

  • […] like what happen to Dexter of techathand.net, in iwebtool PageRank checker some Google’s data center consider my site as PR7. Actually […]

  • I also experience this situation. My real PR is 3 but when I try it in iwebtool, some data center gave me a PR7. I also don’t know why.

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