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Trip to Dubai – Useful Information about Dubai

Sep 2, 2007 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Random Post, Travel

Updated : 13 December 2010

Well last Wednesday my company has sent me to Dubai to do a business meeting . Dubai I may say is really nice place to stay. I arrived in airport without any VISA but since I am an Engineer and a GCC Resident, They were able to give me a VISA. You just have to pay 100 DHS. I stayed at Crown Plaza Hotel ( A very good place to Stay ) The following items are some tips when traveling Dubai

  • If you are traveling from a GCC countries you should bring your country ID. ( i.e. Iqama for those working in Saudi Arabia ) so that you can easily be issued a Visa upon arrival.
  • Visa will cost you 100 DHS – 185 DHS
  • Bring an adopter for your convenience ( I had some problem in getting this one for my laptop and PDA )
  • Dubai Airport is equipped with Internet Kiosk where you can check your email there is only one thing that needs to be highlighted here , Internet connection does not have capability of browsing Java enabled site.
  • The city has a heavy traffic and it needs time to reach airport specially in the afternoon
  • There are lots of people coming and going to DUBAI it take time to pass the immigration so you better adjust your time preparation for your flight.
  • Dubai has an area called Media City or Internet City
  • As of now there is a heavy Construction of High Rise Buildings.
  • The cost of living in Dubai is high.
  • If you are a resident of GCC countries you will be able to use your roaming phones. When I was there , I have seen on my mobile the signal is coming form ETISALAT and Du

I do hope that this information will help some of the Internet readers researching and thinking of going to Dubai.

Updates :

You will now have to make an eye scan before you could enter the immigration area.

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  • Actually I stayed there for only a night. I stayed at Crowne Plaza Hotel I think it is in the Dubai Coty itself 15 minutes drive to airport if there is no traffic. I have also visited one of my friend in Palm Jumeira

  • Yep. The cost of living in Dubai skyrocketed from the time I spent my 2 week long vacation there. Dubai’s been reinventing itself as a top tourist destination so projects like the Burj Al Arad and the Dubai Palm Islands came to life. Where exactly in Dubai did you stay? o.O

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