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My Third Adsense Cheque Arrived

Sep 2, 2007 by     5 Comments    Posted under: Adsense, Problogging - Make Money Online

I just like to inform you guys that Adsense is really paying. My Third Adsense cheque arrived yesterday although it is only small but still it will be worth to buy me another set of tires. Or maybe I have to pay it for my hosting. I Don’t know at the moment I am not yet decided.

This site is now earning a bit daily, and therefore lead into conclusion that the more post you have the more the chance that you will gain from advertisers. This is fully advertise by Adsense. I still don’t have direct advertisers except for some Reviewme post.

You may also check some post of fellow blogger who have earned from Adsense ( Macuha.com, Rhodilee & Others ) You may want to share other post regarding Blogger earning in adsense.

By the way I only blog part time because a very stable job. Actually just went to Dubai from a business trip.

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  • @Alberto Rendon,

    I believe you are already making money online via adsense 🙂

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  • hi,
    i need a favor from you.
    i am launching a contest in blog about baby photo contest. i just need your favor to promote it on your blog so i can attract more participants. you also may be interested, your entry is most welcome

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  • Good for you. 🙂

    I started with adsense, auctionads, auctionads.ph , text link ads but really got nowhere.

    I guess I must be doing something wrong. Because the widgets of these moneymaking opportunities just disappeared from my blogs. Arrggh.

    But anyway, Cheers!

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