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Warning : Be Careful in Opening E-card during Valentines Day

Feb 13, 2008 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

Valentin Day Valentine Day is a day of hearth as they called it, and it can also be called a day of virus attack. Virus maker knows that there will be lot’s of e-card to be send by different people to their love ones and friends. I am warning all of you to be careful with opening any email as mention below. It has been reported by Panda Labs that there are some worms roaming around the web. We still don’t know the extend of harm that this worm can make to our computer but being careful is necessary.

Below it the names of the virus reported.

First virus Nuwar.OL is downloaded on user PC from a website. The email sent with a headline “I Love You Soo Much” or “Inside My Heart” offers a link to this website. The page will open a Valentine’s eCard, but will also install the worm on user PC. The worm will send emails to contacts of the user and causes load on the network.

Second virus, Valentin.E infects the system if the user downloads a file with name friends4u. The common message header used for sending this virus is “Searching for True Love”.

You can check http://www.infectedornot.com for more details and check your system for any spyware.

Source [ topnews.in ]

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  • @ drool,

    without the virus .. what ill they protect 🙂

  • anti-virus developer are also the one who make’s computer viruses…

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