WordPress 2.8.1 Beta Released

After the release and problems that I faced from WordPress 2.8, WordPress has released its 2.8.1 Beta version and the following fix to comments  as posted by many bloggers that immediately upgraded to WordPress 2.8.

Here are some of the issues that are fixed in beta 1.

  • Certain themes were calling get_categories() in such a way that it would fail in 2.8. 2.8.1 works around this so these themes won’t have to change.
  • Dashboard memory usage is reduced.  Some people were running out of memory when loading the dashboard, resulting in an incomplete page.
  • The automatic upgrade no longer accidentally deletes files when cleaning up from a failed upgrade.
  • A problem where the rich text editor wasn’t being loaded due to compression issues has been worked around.
  • Extra security has been put in place to better protect you from plugins that do not do explicit permission checks.

Just remember it is still in beta. Anything can still happen.

Thanks for the Hat Tip ( Manny )

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