How Do You Make Your Blog Post?

seo tips from | How Do You Make Your Blog Post?First of all, I am not a Blogging Guru or an SEO Expert, I just love what I am doing, and I do love on sharing my knowledge acquired through the years of blogging and SEO Research. I also want others to make money online, like I do. I believe this blog is still a personal blog, though we are promoting this site as Tech and Gadget blogs, still there are some post in here that pertains to my experience about Blogging, SEO,Travels, Make Money Online and Personal Experience. I usually blog about something that a Search Engine searchers might be looking. When I am making blog post, I am asking myself the following :

Questions,When Making Blog Post.

  1. Will this blog post interest my 4500+ feeds subscribers ?
  2. Does my title is includes keyword that could be found by the Search Engine Searchers ?
  3. Is it the usual terms that the people is typing in search engines ?
  4. Did I mentioned my targeted keywords in my blogs ?
  5. Will I not be ashamed in promoting this blog post over my social media friends ?

And here are the things I am doing if my answer is “NO” to the above mentioned questions,

  1. if my answers is no, and I still want to post about it, I will usually make the post to appear on my sidebar and not sending it across my subscribers. So in short, I am making the post for bots and search engine for keywords hijacking. Check my blog post when I say that there is now no hidden post in this blog
  2. If my answer is no , and I still want to post the topic, I will just change the title using ALL in One WordPress Plugin
  3. Same method for number is being implemented.
  4. I just make sure that I have enough keywords in my blog post that will not bother my readers.
  5. I normally do not post about it, as an example if there are some news in the net in which it does not go with my belief, then I will just pass the opportunity on writing about it.

More Tips When Making Blog Post :

  1. If I I had a hard time getting information in the net. I will blog about the result of my research, chances are there are no bloggers post about it and there are no competition on this particular keywords.Normally those kind of keywords are being searched by internet users who clicks the ads.
  2. Long post is not always best for readers. Most of the time they just look at the post title, then scan the post,  and then go to the comments section without reading the full article. So why aim for a long post? I believe having 200 to 300 words is enough for a normal post.
  3. Don’t forget to add pictures/images in your post, it does not only good for your readers but also good for search engine optimization, provided that a proper picture tag is made.
  4. Check our post about Basic Information about Search Engine Optimization

Remember an optimize post might lead to more visitors and eventually more income to your blogs.

So How do you make your blog post ? Care to share for the benefit of new bloggers.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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  1. 1

    Maam/ Sir,
    My passport will be expired on February 3, 2013, When can I possibly Renew my Passport since I haven’t found earlier dates before December while our family Vacation will be on December 20, 2012.

    Could you please reply me at the earliest to my email if possible.

    Many Thanks,

    Juliet P. Lugue

    • 6
      Dexter Panganiban


      Kapag tinamaan ka ni Big G.. No Traffic will come from him, as in yung site mo di makikita sa Google result.. ang ayaw nya yung mukhang manipulated yung mga links na inilalagay papunta sa site natin.. kasi di mag mumukhang normal as an example.. Having 100 links to you site in just 1 hr.. di ba parang di makatotohanan..

  2. 7

    I used to blog whatever comes into mind, but since I’ve decided to drive more traffic into my blog I’ve noticed that my posts are poorly structured (SEO wise). Anyway, thanks for the tips! I’ll definitely keep them in mind whenever I make a new blog post.

  3. 8

    parang okey ung sa matino ah, kse kung sa nde matino ang susundin mo, kikita ka nga pero may change na magalit sau si big G… at alam mo na ang kasunod.. 🙂

    so, ganun pala un.. thanx a lot sir Dex! 😛

    • 9


      Malaki talaga ang chance na tamaan ni Google and blog .. pero ang masasabi ko lang kapag tinamaan ka ni Google di pang matagalan yun, you just have to proove google that a site is really a human maintained site.. Maraming beses ng tinamaan ni Google itong site na ito at hanggang ngayon marami pa ring traffic 🙂

  4. 10

    Very nice post here Sir Dex. Sometimes I also think of these things when I update my blog. Heheh kaya walang matinong topics ang site ko.

      • 12

        salamat! galing ng mga tips mo sir Dex, malaking tulong ‘to… 🙂

        syanga, ung di matinong topic ba ang sekreto para kumita ng medyo malaki? heheheh

      • 13


        Sa palaga y ko ganito :

        matinong topic : will let you r blog stand out from the rest.. get new friends in blogging world that could help you in being top in SEO

        Di matinong topic : if proper seo is maintained, and proper keyword is made, kikita ka ng madami dito :). Kasi most of the time ang naghahanap ng mga di matinong topic di marunong sa internet kaya click sila ng click.. gets mo 🙂

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