How to Be a Blogger?

I am receiving queries on how to be a blogger, and i think it would be better to respond it with  a blog post.

Blogger’s aim should not only be about earning money, I believe blogging is widening your territory and reaching out to other people. There are times that you need to help newbie bloggers. Based on experience there are some newbie blogger whom I taught about blogging and yet they are earning more than me. But the good thing is that when you help them during their start up days they will never forget you as their mentor.

In Blogging, the more you teach other, the more you will gain friends and supporters. You must build your brand and you must increase your readership. Forget about the income, it will for sure come in no time. You just have to be patient and start learning the basics of Blogging, Marketing, Socialization, Search Engine Optimization and more. I have been blogging for more than 7 years.

Blogging Tips

You also need to know your target market, what kind of readership would you like to build? This are some question that a blogger should know. In everything you do, you need to have your vision and make your vision big.

Write it down and work it out.

Be helpful to those who are in need. This will help you to increase increasing your online asset. Friendship in blogging world is very important as well as reader’s trust.

For me, I always, take blogging as a business, I know that I need to have a startup capital for me to gain later on. Through blogging I learn a lot about marketing and how people react. There might be new methodology about SEO but I think your relationship with your readers is more important.

The best thing about blogging is that you can do it anywhere and anytime, it is a business that can be checked when needed. It could also be an additional passive earning when done right.

Blogging has given me lots of great things and I must say it’s one of the tool how God bless me financially. I may not earn big bucks like others but I could say that my income help me a lot in maintaining my financial needs as well as my father’s kidney medication. Blogging earnings also adds up my investment Portfolio. Social Media Optimization could also help you in starting up .

For those who have been ban in AdSense, There is always blogging life after AdSense.

I hope this can help new bloggers asking question on how to start a blogging career.

For those who really new in blogging you may want to enroll in our free newsletter about blogging.

Let me know your thoughts about blogging. Share your ideas by commenting.

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  1. john on October 8th, 2013 2:48 pm

    nice post :-) sir


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