How to Make Your Blog Post Effective & Make You Money Online with Social Media Optimization

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Social media and blogging are two popular avenues for reaching out today to make money online. Since search engines love activity via both these avenues, posting effective blog posts that are social media optimized, i.e. easily sharable across social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, is a fruitful activity for many people today, below are the basics steps to make this work for you, too.

Step 1: Effective Blogging Research

Begin by researching your niche to see what people are looking for today. A good place to start is with a keywords. You can use Google’s free AdSense keyword tool or any number of other ones out there, both free and ones that bear costs. Find popular words in your niche and rank them on an Excel spreadsheet to you can see which ones to use in your blog content, your blog’s navigational categories, blog tags and link building activities.

Keywords are important, but not the sole focus, as topics surrounding them evolve and you want to stay on top of that with blogging and social interactions. So go to top news sites and authority sites, including forums, in your niche, and review popular subjects. For instance, to make money online, many people join the Warrior Forum, a top place where Internet marketers hang out. GO there to find out the latest news on making money using social media, blogs, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, article marketing and many other types of Internet-related activities. You will want to blog about these same types of popular topics on your blog, to attract search engines and people.

Step 2: Money Making Venues

Next, set up ads, affiliate marketing banners, anchor text links and other money generating opportunities on your blog. You can place ads in the sidebars as small banners linked to affiliate products or your own, with direct links or links passing through leads capture pages first, to get people added to your lists via autoresponders.

Also as you post on your blog, have money generating mechanisms within posts, too, like anchor text links for keywords that lead to e-commerce pages of yours or affiliate products, or again your leads capture pages. And have a call to action at the end of each post, inviting readers to sign up for your free ezine to get them in your list, and to subscribe to your blog.

Step 3: Social Media Optimization

Head to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites you are members of and get widget codes for them to add to your blog. Also look for blog plugins that can create a social media widget so that people can bookmark your blog posts on top social media sites.

That’s it. Get help as needed with virtual assistants, and crank out some bucks blogging!

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    Good post. I currently looking for fellow Pinoy who is making blog about tech and internet to see how you make money online guys. This is a really good help for me. Thank you.

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