I Have Learn My Lesson on How to Earn from linking to Other Site

My experiment regarding SEO optimization have teach me a lot of things. Another information that I would like to share you is regarding earning from linking.

It is not only Google gives you visitors that will click your ads.

Did you know that linking to a site who has a highly Search Engine Optimized page can give an additional clicks and income to your blog?

Well, I did not know this, Until I have made some investigation and analysis regarding my earnings for the last few days.

How did I know about this and what is my proof?

Learning on how your visitors move at your site will help a lot in understanding how can you optimized your earning online.

The report made by Click Aider that I have installed for this site helps me a lot in studying the result of the experiment. Although Google analytics is also installed here I prefer to see the report of Click Aider.

Thru the report where it shows the referrer of the click, I am able to know that there are some clicks that comes from SELaplana’s Link and upon checking his post, there is not even any thing that was mention about my site. The report is shown below. The blue color is for SELaplana.

Graph shown by Click Aider.

Clicks Aider Result

Then after my investigation , I just found out that I have made a trackback on his highly Optimized post as shown below at his post regarding ” Pacquaio vs Barrera : The Will to Win and to Earn “. and it was my advantage that there are only two comments on this post

Linking to High Page View Site

If only Yuwoncedric.com did not have , I am pretty sure that his post will also contribute on my ad clicks.

Try to do this Experiment and let us see the result

  1. Know your keywords, that you want to write about ,
  2. Try searching via Google or yahoo.
  3. Investigate If the site which shows # 1 in Google Search Engine Result ( SERP ) is worth linking
  4. Investigate if the site gives trackback to your post
  5. Then give some links to that site
  6. And track the result via Click Aider
  7. And of course do not forget the SEO tips that I have shared before.

You may link to this site and check if it is working for you who knows this might give also some links to your site. 🙂


It is good to link some useful information to other Site. It will benefit you and also it will benefit your reader. Hhhmmm I have not yet tried to link to big site which has lot of Visitors like Tech Crunch, Blog Herald etc. Do you? Does it gives you some Clicks ? But will they be able to recognized my post thinking that there are about maybe 100 to 150 track backs. If you will be the first to make the links it is your advantage.

So What’s Next thing to do ?

It is also important to link to my feeds or consider Subscribing to Technology At Hand by Email for future findings and don’t forget to verify your subscription or else you will not get it.

So any suggestion or comments ?

Dexter Panganiban https://techathand.net/about-2/

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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    @ music & Lady

    Sorry for the late reposnse. I am checking my comments and I just found your question.

    @ Lady

    Well my adsense earning is not that big for this blog this is only an avearage of about 0.35 to 0.5 per day.

    This site is still new about 4 mos old and just pass thru a hack. But it is now working fine. My other niche blog is working fine. All in all I am having about $1.5 to $2 that is why I am now Optimizing this site for Adsense

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