How Can You View Survey Results?

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If you use EarthImager 3D software to create the results for your survey, you do need to know how to view those results. After all, you need to study the results when the survey is done, you need to send the results to the office or the lab or further analysis, and you may even need to share them with the people who own the property, depending on why the survey was carried out in the first place. What are the main ways in which you can look at the images that you have created?

Of course, the easiest way is to use the software itself and look at the images on a computer screen. You will need a computer that can run Windows, but the qualifications outside of that are minimal. As long as you have a new PC that has Windows installed on it, you should be fine. Looking at the results on the screen is helpful because they can easily be considered from many different angles so that you really know what they mean.

Another option is to use a hardware hookup or a device that supports wifi to transfer the image to a television screen. This increases the size of the image, so it is perfect if you are showing it in a meeting. You can still manipulate it with the computer just like you could before, but you can put it up on the screen in an office or a conference room so that everyone does not have to cluster around the computer.

Furthermore, you can print off the images that you want. Most of them can be printed as standard JPEG files or even PDF files, along with a few other options. After you convert them, you can print them as hard copies and pass them around. This is ideal if you want everyone to have their own copy that they can look at in more depth, or if you want them to be able to take notes on it.

After creating the JPEG or PDF files, you can also send those files to other people via email, and they can then look at them on their own computers, their tablets or their phones. They will not have as much ability to change the angles or look in-depth as you do on the main computer, but this allows you to send the pictures to mobile devices.

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