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There are a variety of types of aftermarket products that people can choose to put on their automobiles to enhance them. No matter whether you’re looking to find Gentex mirrors with auto-dimming features or other types of mirrors, you can find them from numerous aftermarket manufacturers. There are various types of mirrors that you can install in your automobiles to make it so that you have a safer driving experience.


Backup Cameras

Backup cameras are cameras that allow you to have a clear view of the area behind you when you’re backing up. They help prevent auto accidents by making it so that you can see everything behind your vehicle. Backup cameras are also ideal for hooking up trailers, parallel parking and anything else that requires you have to see behind you.

Auto-Dimming Cameras

One of the biggest issues that drivers face is driving at night with bright headlights shining in their mirrors. The glare that bright headlights can cause can be distracting, making it difficult to concentrate or see where you’re going, which could lead to an auto accident. Auto-dimming cameras help block the bright glare that is caused by headlights reflecting in your eyes.

Mirrors with Outside Temperature Displays

Mirrors that have outside temperature displays make it so that you can always tell what the outside temperature is by conveniently glancing up at your rear-view mirror. Knowing what the temperature is outside can be crucial for various types of professions. Additionally, you can get auto-dimming cameras that feature temperature displays as well.

Mirrors with HomeLink Controls

Mirrors that have HomeLink controls can be especially advantageous to garage owners because they make it so that they can easily open their garages directly from their rear-view mirrors. This eliminates the need for their dashes and visors to be cluttered up with controls to their HomeLink systems.

Mirrors with Compass Displays

Having a compass is essential for knowing the direction that you’re traveling. Even if you have a GPS system in your vehicle, it is still a good idea to know what direction you’re traveling in to ensure that you never get lost, even if your GPS malfunctions. Auto-dimming mirrors can also be purchased in versions that feature both compasses and the temperature.


Adding various types of mirrors to your vehicle can help make them safer for you to drive. There are various types of mirrors that you can select from as well to display the information that you need.

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