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PayPal Philippines Transaction Fees

Jul 5, 2009 by     36 Comments    Posted under: Affiliates

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And still below are information about Paypal Philippines :

I heard some discussion in another forums that PayPal Philippines is now charging some percentage in the PayPal transfer, I would like to clarify this things based on PayPal site and information I gathered.

Paypal is not charging any fee if you will transfer from your existing PayPal account however you will be charged if your transfer will be coming from a Credit or Debit Card.

Another tip so that you will not  be charged, is to use the personal transfer option in the send money tab of PayPal.

PayPal Philippines Transaction Fee Personal Payment

I still love how PayPal Philippines works with my online ventures and online Payments. It help me a lot in my Make Money Online Saga. PayPal had helped me a lot in my transaction to different countries. I use PayPal Philippines account and I am withdrawing it thru my Citibank Credit Card.

Below picture state that you will not be charged for the received payment thru Personal transfer.

PayPal Philippines Transaction Fee

So the rumors that your transaction is now being charge is false, You just have to use it properly so that you will not be charge. I have also included here the screen caption of payments and receipt transaction fees. I hope you will find it informative and if you don’t have Paypal account better think of having one because it is one of the tools that you will need if you want to transact online.

PayPal Philippines Transaction Fee

Source : here You can enroll Paypal thru this link [ Enroll at Paypal ] Affiliate Links

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    i have a question. I have my paypal account already verified trough mastercard debit/credit card and it cost me a lot kapag nagwiwidraw ako sa BPI. tapos ngayon kumuha ako ng EON account.. Ano ba ang mas LESS GASTOS,iverify ko itong EON ko sa palpal OR I-ADD ko nalng sya sa bank account list ko sa paypal? naguguluhan ako.. PLEASE HELP..

    • @margo,

      I think it would be better to add it as a credit card.. Kasi di ba parang Credit Card yang EON ?

  • pwede bah ang ABC cash card sa PAYPAL?

    • @ahhhmm,

      This is my first time to hear about the ABC Cash Card. Anyway, I think it is not possible and not recognized by Paypal.

  • Sir,is a Landbank ATM card accepted for verification at Paypal?

    • @strayarrow,

      Need to check but i think it is possible to use it to verify the paypal.

  • Sir any advice about this topic? I dont have a credit card nor a debit card but I have a bank account…..Thanks in advance

    • @strayarrow,

      I believe it is possible as long as you have the paypal bank codes

      • @Dexter Panganiban,
        sir Dex I already added my bank account in paypal but still im not verified

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  • Paypal is the best medium of payment for good and services so far.

    I use it for receiving payment for the online data entry job that I am working on. I also use the services of Xoom and Moneygram.

    Although you need a credit card or debit in order to get verified. If you are in doubt of the security of you’re credit card info, you can apply for a Unionbank EON card as mentioned above. With just 200 pesos you can get the card to activate your Paypal account.

    You can also transfer the funds in order for you to withdraw received payments for goods or services. You can also accept donations. =)

    • @Making Money Online Philippines,

      Paypal is the best, the user just have to be very careful because they are also very strict. One miss you will have notification.. It happens to me before…

      • @Dexter Panganiban, Can you share your experience? I used Paypal for Friendster ad but the transaction was smooth. No hassles whatsoever! =)

      • @Making Money Online Philippines,

        I blog about the story here { https://www.techathand.net/2007/11/notification-of-limited-account-access-from-paypal/ } this is when i got a Notification of Limited Account

      • @Dexter Panganiban, Thanks for the info bro! No problm yet! I’ll try to get my EON to activate my Paypal. By the way, how long ka na sa blogging business?

      • @Making Money Online Philippines,

        HHmmm.. I have been blogging for about 3 years na siguro.. more on SEO keyword hijacking he he he he.. di pa ako gaanong nag trytry sa affiliate kasi medyo di ko pa nakakahiligan.. me mga kilala ako magagaling dyan at malalaki na kita tulad nila zalds.com ..

        PArtr time lang ang blogging sa akin more on hilig lang 🙂 pero ang kagandahan kumikita di ba

      • @Dexter Panganiban, Hi sir, Pinoy ba si Zalds? Di ko makita yung about page nya eh. Galing naman nun.

      • @Making Money Online Philippines,

        OO Ofw din yun.. magaling talaga yun at mabait pa.. taga Kuwait yun 🙂 Mukhang parehas kayo ng hilig.. affiliate.. maraming tip yun.. sabihin mo sabi ko he he 🙂

  • Hello Techathand, first of all, i’d like to thank you for the information you provided for paypal. i’m not much into online payment stuff but your site get me to understand how it works and how secure it could be. btw i’ve been hearing a lot from this new service of Globe and its called Gcash Click.this is a new online payment scheme which lets both buyer and seller registered on the their domain. it secures both the buyer and the seller especially for a pending scam. i haven’t seen your write ups for this, maybe you could enlighten us for this. i’d like to hear from you soon for your write ups for Gcash Click on how safe and secure it could provide. thanks!

    • @Edz,
      Need to check about it and to make a comprehensive review and instruction about it thanks for your interest 🙂

  • Salamat dito nagtaka ako nagkaka charge ako pag nag sisend ako ng pera kahit galing naman sa paypal funds. Ala ako binayaran ngayon kasi ginamit ko ang personal payments tab…

    Salamat uli 🙂

    • @Rhodilee,

      Your welcome. Nice to see you comment again in my blog 🙂 How about Election 2010

      • @Dexter Panganiban,
        Not yet sure if I’ll be blogging about the 2010 elections. Marami naman din ang magba blog tungkol dito 🙂 Pero depende pa rin, Philippine politics is an interesting topic to blog about hehehe…

      • @Rhodilee,

        Great that this post help you.. BTW i have my my domain already but , I am still thinking If I will gonna blog about election :).. I remember 2007 election where we were both new in blogging..

      • @Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net, sir dex.. bago lang ako nag sign in nang paypal account… kami nang GF ko, ask ko lang pano ba ma withdraw ung na earn namin sa paypal account? we only use bank account.. please help me..

      • @raymund,

        It is possible i enroll mo lang yung bank account mo sa paypal.. and then ok na.,, just make sure to have the bank number for paypal. They will ask it.

  • Thanks for the info! I thought I was getting mugged or something. lol

  • thanks for visiting my site 🙂 godbless 🙂

    • @Art Gabriel,

      No Problem.. You’ve got a great site.. I like those pics.. Btw since you got a nice site, why don’t you try optimizing it.. Your permalinks seems not that SEO Friendly…

      And why don’t you monetize your blog ?

  • offtopic… I have a paypal account and it needs activation. I don’t have a credit card yet. is there any alternatives to this?.

  • ano ba mas maganda dex..paypal ba or xoom???

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