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How to Feed Subscribe in a Particular Label or Category of a Blog

Jan 14, 2008 by     9 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, Tips and Tricks, Wordpress

My last tutorial on how to add links in your fee footer gives good amount of visitors and positive comments from my visitors. I have been thinking of subscribing to lots of blogs that I have seen thru Entrecard. But of course I would like only to Subscribe in a particular label ( For Blogspot User ) and Category for WordPress User.So that it will not clutter my Feed Reader and end up reading post which is not of my interest. Now How will You do it?

Just follow the simple steps below and I hope it will help you in some ways.

How to subscribe in a category feeds? ( WordPress Blogs )

If you would like to subscribe in a feeds using your feed reader in any of wordpress blogs just go to any wordpress blogs and then press any category that interest you :

Example is :


just add the word ” feed/ ” at the end and presto just choose your reader and you can you can now subscribe to that particular feeds.

Here it is :


It is so simple. It will help you to minimize the feeds that is coming into your reader. It will also give you more time to focus on every feeds that you are receiving.

How to subscribe in a any label of a Blogspot Blogs

What about using Blogspot Blogs? Just follow the following steps and you can easily Subscribe to a particular feeds.

Take a look at this


Note it is case sensitive


the trick is you have to copy the same the format

http://(Blogname).blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default/-/(Label Name)

I just hope that this will work with you.

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