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2008 Philippine Blog Awards

Jan 13, 2008 by     10 Comments    Posted under: Philippines

image I am now excited to know that the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards is now again hitting the Philippine Blogosphere. I know I am a beat late for this to blog but anyway the nomination is still close and I do believe that not all blogger and Web Owner have heard about this, Maybe they are busy like me.

I am doing this as a support to fellow Filipino Blogger that are hosting this event. I still don’t know if this blog will be nominated.

One thing for sure. I will not nominate myself. This is just to be sure that I am worthy to be nominated if any of my readers will do it. ( I just hope somebody will nominate this site 🙂 )

I will link to the voting page in the future. For the mean time, You can see details of the event from other blogger that already posted details about this event as follows :

Abe Olandres from Yugatech.com

Karlo from Pinoyblogero.com

Noemi of Aboutmyrecovery.com

Jayvee of abuggedlife.com

Hmmm.. I wonder if I would be nominated here. BTW it is free to be nominated here. As long as they will not change the instructions like last year.

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  • […] the mention guys, I hope many will like this site in the future and possibly vote my site for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards […]

  • […] just want to thank those who nominated my blog under Technology Category for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards . I just submitted my Entry to the judges today. They will actually ask you to provide 5 best post […]

  • […] the mention guys, I hope many will like this site in the future and possibly vote my site for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards […]

  • @ sam,

    Nice to see you here. I must admire you to have more than 40 niche blog. I am oly doing about 5 or more but it is only this blog that I maintain, others are monthly and weekly.

    I believed as a Filipino one or most of your blog will be eligible for this award.

    well youve got nice blog and your SEO blog is great and not with lots of Ads on it.

    Keep visiting. You may exchange ideas for us to be succesfull with this SEO thing 🙂

  • Never knew this Philippine Blog Awards ever existed. I have been blogging for four years now about so many topics using about 40 or more blog sites and in fact I do not really know if anyone in the community can blog as many niches as I do but none the less, this is interesting.

    I wanted to be in but nobody knows anything about me or my ramblings so I’d rather step aside and take a look at the great Filipino Bloggers out there battle it out for the prestige.

    Nice blog here you got Dex and it’s nice to be here. I’m looking forward to visit more Filipino blogs next year when I resign from regular work in the amusement.

  • […] wish all the best for this project. BTW there is also an ongoing Philippine Blog Awards that will kick off […]

  • @ Brown Baron

    So Now I am sure that I will deifinitely be included on those blogs..

    I will count on you Brown Baron..

  • Sounds like a sweet event. I didn’t even know about last year’s awards heh. If nobody nominates you, I will buddy.

  • @ Jessie,

    It is indeed a good event for Filipino Bloggers. And not to mentioned the links that it will give for our blog to progress 🙂

  • this is indeed a good event for Filipino bloggers like us. a simple recognition might be enough spark to drive us to improve our blogs. thanks for dropping by my blog.

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