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Testing Scribe Fire

Aug 15, 2009 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips
Testing Scribe FireWell this is just a test post , for the Scribe Fire , Authoring Tools that I just found out as an alternative for Windows Live Writer. and I have the Following Problems :
  1. I cannot add image. I don’t know how
  2. I don’t know how to put tags

I need to figure out how to overcome those problems. But I think this is better than making my post inside the WordPress Dashboard. Windows Live Writer is still the best option for Authoring Tools.
So if You see this post I am successful in using Scribe Fire for my Tech At Hand Dot Net Blog. Happy Blogging To All

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  • @sir Dex,
    That’s good news… I’d like to use Scribe Fire too! (I’m still using the dashboard) 🙂

    • @ariston|money-tise online,

      I am now loving Scribe Fire, Specially that I cannot install Live writer here in the office

      • @sir Dex,
        You did not mention that you can also send your twits directly to twitter by installing the add-ons on your toolbar.
        Just downloaded the add-ons(TwitterBar 2.6.1)… thanks! 🙂

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