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It is already 3 days in the net but I am only reporting it now since I was so busy with my office work. So since Facebook was not able to acquire twitter , it goes to it’s another option which is friendfeed [ Dexter’s Friendfeed ].

We are happy to announce that Facebook has acquired FriendFeed. As my mom explained to me, when two companies love each other very much, they form a structured investment vehicle… [ source ]

Just lately friendfeed became popular talk in the blogosphere when they add the friendfeed subscriber count to the feedburner count which was owned by Google.  Facebook is earning from advertising platform.  So will it be possible that in the future Google would acquire facebook ? or Yahoo might acquire facebook ? This are just possible scenario in net.

FriendFeed Blog- FriendFeed accepts Facebook friend request_1250141758532So I believe it is a good buy. by the way my family is getting addicted to Farm Town and Farm Ville 🙂 . Give them some work to do .

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    Economics assignment answers

    Great and really informative.
    Good Job and well said.
    Fantastics to just read the entire post , it kept me interesting.
    Very nicely written.

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    Facebook Acquired Friendfeed | Tech At Hand Dot Net | Philippines … – The Facebook News

    […] Dexter Panganiban wrote an interesting post today on<b>Facebook</b> Acquired Friendfeed | Tech At Hand Dot Net | Philippines <b>…</b>Here’s a quick excerpt […]

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    Hello. Facebook is really growing with lots of acquisitions of games and other applications for the sites. BTW sir, add me up in FaceBook: leonmagnus02[at]yahoo.com


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    Facebook is making smart moves to dominate the social media market… however it is still one of the top notch players… and twitter is now helluva of a website for social media… so its really hard for the facebook to acquire that… twitter is growing and growing day by day

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      Dexter Panganiban


      I must agree, with your statement that twitter is growing and growing everyday.. and there is also Plurk. In totality social media sites are rising.

      But twitter should start monetizing their site soon

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