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Thanks to SEO , My Visitors Still Comes

Apr 12, 2008 by     12 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, SEO Tips

SEO TipsWhile on vacation, I am still having hard time to find time for blogging. This is due to a reason that  we don’t have internet connection at our house. I have to find a computer shop wherein I have to pay Php 15.00 per hour.

Anyway just want to inform you that I am still finding some time to answer some comments and query that I can find at my inbox as well find some time to be able to do some home work for additional income of this blog. You can check my about page to know more about what I mean.

It is really great to have passive income and thanks to my SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )  effort, the normal visit per day is not going down even few updates are being made in this blog. I love SEO 🙂 . If you are not that inclined in doing some SEO you may also consider hiring Search Engine Optimisation Service but still having own knowledge about SEO is still the best.

Some company hires an Internet Marketing Consultants for better visibility of their product on the net, some uses their own technique and style in doing marketing. If a blog owner is aware of SEO, it is really a great tool to market blog and could also lead to making more money online. SEOand research for related keywords for your site’s brand is still the best.

It is also my dream to have my own E-commerce site where I could sell some stuffs. Later on I will also decide if I have to get ECommerce Software to suit my needs or I will study how to make script to satisfy my requirements. Anyway there are lots of free sites that gives information about scripts.

So expect more updates and pictures after my vacation.

As an update to this post : I tried doing business online but i fail due to my payment methods. I am now trying to learn other methods of payment that could replace online credit card payment. I fail to use paypal as my payment method .

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  • yup, same thing here. my wife recently gave birth and i didnt have time blogging for about five days. thanks to seo as i kept receiving traffic.

    • @kapitan,

      Nakita mo pa itong post na ito ah he he 🙂 malaking bagay talaga ang SEO 🙂

      • @Dexter,

        Yup, parang nahiya nga kong magcomment nung una. nyways, think you should have your own ebook regarding SEO. nice meeting you po =D

      • @kapitan,

        Welcome po.. Ok lang.. Nake SEO E-book medyo busy ako sa offline work kaya medyo di ko maasikaso yun.. Pero maybe soon 🙂

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  • @ Technology Slice

    100% True

    dexter’s last blog post..What Is Blogging?

  • It’s always best to learn and implement SEO yourself.

    Technology Slice’s last blog post..JFK and LAX Airport Scanning

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  • @ sylv3rblade,

    Nice to hear about it. It is really great to have a good SEO post. that will give good information to readers and researchers. Good Job.

    Dexter’s last blog post..Thanks to SEO , My Visitors Still Comes

  • @ Fitz

    Nice question, as per my experience, as long as nobody try to make post regarding that keyword there is a possibility that your keyword will stay there. If somebody makes a post about it even he is not trying to optimize it but he has a better PR and a credible blog or site there is always a chance that your post will be put into 2nd or 3rd.

    Google always change it’s basis for SEO,

    Dexter’s last blog post..Thanks to SEO , My Visitors Still Comes

  • mmm grats kuya dex. Nice to see you’re still earning while here in the Phil.. BTW thanks for the link on the PSP download. I’m racking up 1K+ visitors a day because of that post ^_^

    sylv3rblade’s last blog post..Crisis Core Materia Fusion Guide & Stat Modifier Trick

  • Hi! I have an SEO question Dex, if your site/blog ranks high for a keyword phrase that’s not popular…

    let’s say “data dial” (just an example)

    if you don’t update your site / blog (say one year), will your SERP for that keyword phrase go down? (assuming no one optimizes for that keyword during that period)

    thanks, i’m currently learning the ropes in SEO and your input would help 😀

    Fitz’s last blog post..The Joy of Rockets

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