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Top Keywords that Brings Money to Us

Like what Marhgil did , I would like to share you our top 100+ keywords that made us some money last year 2009 , the keywords about PRC results were not included in the list. Most of the keywords listed are with words free and PSP games. So check this out and try to make post  about this keywords. You may try to reach Google first page and when you are there, let’s exchange links from my post to your post. You could make “nofollow” , with the links if you are links conscious . This post forms part of Tech At Hand Dot Net 2009 year end report

accenture layoff
accenture layoffs
adamo by dell
adamo dell
automatic table of contents
ben 10 games
cafe world tips
dell mini 11
download ben 10 alien force
download free psp games
download giochi psp
download psp games
election 2010
embed pdf in word
erin andrews video download
excel $ sign
facebook cafe world cheats
facebook login
free download ds games
free download nintendo ds games
free download psp games
free ds downloads
free games for nokia e71
free nds downloads
free nds games
free nds games download
free nds roms
free nintendo ds downloads
free nintendo ds games download
free psp game download
free psp game download site
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free psp games download sites

free six video
google square
gry na psp download
hayden kho
hayden kho and katrina halili
hayden kho and katrina halili scandal
hayden kho and katrina halili video
hayden kho and katrina halili video scandal download
hayden kho download
hayden kho scandal download
hayden kho video
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how to make a table of contents
hp 2140
hp mini 110
hp mini 2140
katrina halili and hayden kho scandal download
katrina halili and hayden kho video scandal
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katrina halili hayden kho
katrina halili hayden kho video
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kostenlose psp spiele
lenovo y650
lightest laptop
manila ocean park location
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maricar reyes hayden kho
metrobank swift code
microsoft paying you – not fake
microsoft paying you not fake
mobile phone projector
n97 specification
nds game download
nds roms free download
pacquiao vs cotto replay
paypal philippines
philippine epics
pictures six
psp game download
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psp games downloaden
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psp go
psp spiele downloaden
psp theme
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ricky haton
scary games
scary maze
scary maze game
six video
sss contribution
sss member contribution
sss online inquiry
sss philippines
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toyota award promo
virtua tennis 3 psp download
windows 7 philippines
word 2007 insert pdf
word automatic table of contents
xbox live update

You might be wondering why my regular readers did not see this post, it is because i use a plugin to prevent SEO’d post in appearing at my feeds and front page. So good luck at your keywords hunting 🙂 and optimization

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  • Ginagawa ko rin to… kaso may mga online friends ako na mga pro-blogger tapos naka subscribe cla sa feeds or nagvi-visit regularly. at least itini-tweak ko kung article para medyo related sa niche… hehehe

    • @Cebu Tech Blogger,

      TYou can always use a plug in in order those post will go to your loyal subscribers .. Like what i am doing 🙂

    • @Cebu Tech Blogger,
      I mean will not go to our subscribers

      • Do you have any idea what plugin can be used for blogs using Blogger as a platform. Some available plug-ins are only for WP.

      • @Cebu Tech Blogger,

        Naku yun ang di ko pa nasubukan.. but maybe there is.. need to research on that one.

      • @Cebu Tech Blogger,

        Got one for you http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/6_ways_to_filter_your_rss_feeds.php

        1. Rinse your feeds and then use your rinse feeds sa feedburner..

        or you can use pipes..

      • @Dexter | Techathand.net, I’ll check it out. Thanks Dex…

  • […] just swoosh through! So, before the freshness of 2010 wind down, and while other bloggers share their magic keyword earner, let me share my… nope not my keywords, but my Google Adsense earnings for […]

  • Yes maka hijack nga dito hahaha. Naku gusto ko sanang mag post ng keywords ko kaso am still thinking about it. Believe it or not karamihan pam porno ang keywords ko hahaha. But not actually a bad sign, i earned a lot from those kw. Thanks for sharing Bro!

  • hmmmmm nice one!!!! wlang youjizz?? hahahah

    • @ikogsakanding,
      Napahanap tuloy ako sa google kung ano yun.. ha ha ha pron pala.. bawal sa akin yun 🙂

  • Merong palang plugin to hide posts from feeds and recent post list? Hehe.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • @Gem,

      Yup and it help a lot so not to bother the regular visitors and subscribers with keywords filled post. I am using Sideblog Kate Plugin now

      • Cool! I’ll try using that. Pampalaki na rin ng Alexa traffic. Hehe.

      • @Gem,

        Great. atsaka pampalaki ng traffic at income.. most of the time those nonesense post gives more income than post made for 1 hr.. 🙂

      • True. Yan ang discovery of the year ko. I got my Adsense payment because of those nonsense posts!

      • @Gem,

        Ha ha ha.. marami ako nya sa “Randon Post” category ko 🙂

      • @Dexter | Techathand.net, di ko alam to ah. Masubukan nga. Thanks to both of you!

      • @Ambo,
        maganda kasi para di ma bother yung mga regular reader

  • pde malaman kung ilan ang earnings mo^^? heheheheh happy new year

    • @Kyle,

      I am preparing an earning report for 2009 you might want to check it out, I have made 2 reports already and more to come 🙂 stay tuned

  • @sir Dex,
    andami palang keywords, pero ang karamihan sa napansin ko ay mostly free psp games, downloads & about laptops lang… heheheh

    ngayon kayang 2010 ano-ano kayang mga keywords ang sisikat? 😀

    • @metalpig,

      OO nga atsaka in addition current events is really a good source of traffic, and then later turned to regular visitors if they love the site.

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