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Tech At Hand Dot Net 2009 Blog Statistics

Jan 2, 2010 by     12 Comments    Posted under: Site Updates

As promised about Tech At Hand Dot Net 2009 Year End Report here is my 2009 Blogging Statistics ,  I am making this reports to show my readers my accomplishments and make this as my benchmark for my blogging accomplishments next year 2010.

Well year 2009 gave Tech At Hand a big jump in pageviews as shown in statistics, it is about 200 % increase in page views compared to year 2008, I might say that there are some Top SEO keywords that give visitors to my site. Year 2009 gave 1,257,771 Pageviews compared to 628,007 Pageviews in year 2008 as shown in Google Analytics, Pageviews came from 6.57% come from Direct Traffic , 10.18% Referring Sites 83.21% Search Engines ( Google, Yahoo and Bing – Google has the highest share). Most of the traffic came from Google. Referring sites includes other bloggers who shared their link love to my site. Here are the Top 10 Blogs / Sites that gives traffic and contribute to 10.18% Referring site :

And thanks to the following site who gives referral to Tech At Hand { More Power to You guys }

  1. completegamedepot.com
  2. miii.net
  3. macuha.com
  4. silkenhut.com
  5. jehzlau-concepts.com
  6. newsinphilippines.com
  7. bloggingpinay.com
  8. yuwoncedric.com
  9. topblogs.com.ph
  10. mapiles.com

Some of the above mentioned site agrees to make exchange links thru my SEO post at my blog.

2009 traffic mostly came from this top 5 country

  1. Philippines
  2. United States
  3. Japan
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Canada

and when it comes to subcontinents they came form here :South-Eastern Asia

  1. South-Eastern Asia
  2. Northern America
  3. Eastern Asia
  4. Northern Europe
  5. Western Asia

I don’t have that much of recognition this year compared to year 2008. I forget to record my subscriber count last year but as of this writing I have 1151 readers thru feedburner and friendfeed, I hope to double this count next year. Facebook is one of the social mecdia sites that gives visitors to my site, my former class mates , friends etc, have manage to find my blogs and my wrong grammar 🙂 . We have 411 fans at Tech At Hand Dot Net Facebook .

Top SEO’d  Landing Page

  1. Hayden Kho Video Downloads ? – This does not actually give downloads but suggesting those searches to stop downloading the movie. We have prohobit obscene photos and videos at this site.
  2. Free Nintendo DS Games ( Where contents has been removed due to advertisers comments )
  3. SSS Online Inquiry- The post teaches the user on how they can get the Online inquiry , although most user proceed directly to the comments without reading the blog post.

The above mentioned statistics does not include the visits and page views of Dexter Experiments which is a sub-domain of this blog, that blog was made for the purpose of increasing my earning and visitors as well.

Because visitors increase we are obliged to shift from shared hosting to Private servers from Dream Host this year. ” I am now using DreamHost Private Server ” which happen last June 2009. The post explains the reason why we transfer to private server. ( We are paying about $60 per month for this hosting which includes my other blogs ). Wait for Blogging Eearning 2009 report.

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  • @sir Dex, malulupit din pala ung Top 10 sites na nag-contribute ng more than 10% na traffic… =)

    btw, nice info!

  • thanks, may you have a very fruitful 2010. 🙂

  • Wow Dex, didnt’ know that I give you visitors. lol. 🙂 Nice stats

    • @Allen,

      Ha ha ha.. oo nga eh 🙂 great.. kamusta earning nung amazon mo.. paano pinapadala bayad

      • @Dexter | Techathand.net, amazon, hmm, negligble haha just started so I’m still far from payout.

        Though they pay in three ways:
        Pay me by Amazon.com gift certificate/card
        ($10.00 minimum earnings)
        Pay me by direct deposit
        ($10.00 minimum earnings)
        Pay me by check
        ($100.00 minimum earnings or choose your own threshold above the minimum.)

        Hope that helps 🙂

      • @Allen,
        Mukhang maganda yung pay me by check

  • wow.. nice stats…. wish my blog would have the stats like yours.,,,, 🙂

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