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Which Do You Prefer Free or Self Hosted Blogs ?

Aug 2, 2008 by     18 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips

My conversation with Tutubi of Paetechie Technology News and Reviews made me think to write and blog about this question.

Do you have your own Self Hosted Blogs? Or do you use Free blogs ? First of all let me differentiate the two. Self Hosted Blogs are those blogs hosted where you have to pay for it. Usually Self Hosted blogs use also Domains which are brought from a domain company such as Godaddy.com or the Hosting company itself. Maybe some Web hosting Articles might help you understand what I mean.

Free Blogs are those blogs hosted under Blogspot.com , WordPress.com, multiply.com, i.ph and others , Those are site which gives you a space to write on. But not all gives you the freedom to monetize. You can see some of my thoughts for this two types of Blog Platform.

Well I just want to know the thoughts of different Bloggers about this subject ? I would like to throw a question on which Do you prefer Self Hosted Blogs or Free Blog Platforms ?

If You’re Answer is Self Hosted your post will be written here :

  1. Goodbye Blogspot
  2. Free or Self Hosted blog?

If You’re Answer is Free Blogs your post will be written here :

  1. Be the first to Answer

If You’re Answer is Neutral your post will be written here :

  1. Be the first to Answer

If I will not able to see your pings just make me a note in the comments section and Lets Exchange Links 🙂

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  • Old skool bloger

  • Both are good. It just depend with perception. Yes it’s

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  • good site keep it going Busby SEo Challenge

    Busby SEO Challenges last blog post..Sharon Cuneta | The Bangs!

  • I have been in google’s good graces. I just hope I would never suffer the same fate of jehzeel

    ann roxass last blog post..Logical Framework Procedure Part I

  • I like two of them, and use two of them. I agree with Jehzeel Laurente : self hosted blog more flexible and we can do what we want.

    And with free hosted blog we (I always do this) can make dummy blog, to support my self hosted blog to gain more backlink 😀

    dewajis last blog post..Busby SEO Challenge

    • I also have some dummy blogs that helps in making backlinks

  • Kuya sa self hosted po ako… hehehe thanks…

    julers last blog post..Free or Self Hosted blog?

  • I prefer self hosted blog due to the fact the you can do anything you want to it without worry if you violated any terms or services for that matter.

    Monetizing wise and controllability wise. but am not totally disregarding free blog because they also give traffic and decent income. Like what my seo experiment blog.

    julers last blog post..Free or Self Hosted blog?

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  • Self hosted blogs are better than free blogs because it’s more flexible, you can do whatever you want to do and the only limitation is your CPU usage (RAM) and bandwidth. In contrast to free blogs, their only advantage is free RAM and bandwidth, but you’ll never know when you’ll be banned or be deleted without prior notice.

    Based on my experience, if you have more than 50,000 UVs in 1 day, your blog will be automatically tagged as a spam blog on blogger. So beware, you can’t blog for almost a month or forever (if not unlocked) because your blog will be locked and you don’t have a control over it. Lucky for you if you have your own domain hosted in blogspot, you can freely move to a new host and import your old post. But, if you don’t have your own domain, say goodbye to your blog. 🙂

    Jehzeel Laurentes last blog post..The Best Way to Earn Dollars While You Search (Yahoo, Google & MSN)

  • who wouldn’t like a self-hosted blog? i like it because i have more control over my blog. optimization is easier, too.

    little lights last blog post..PhotoHunt: Clouds

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