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I am now excited on the new features that Mozilla is rolling . It is the Mobile Web Browser version for Mozilla. I have been a Firefox user ever since I start blogging. Not only because I support AdSense but I like the interface of Mozilla Firefox compared to Internet Explorer.

At present I am using Internet Explorer for my PDA. And I must say that I am not that satisfied. I like Opera Mini, but since my trial period is finished , I was not able to purchase one.

So it is good to know that Mozilla is now thinking for Mobile users.

They following points italized have discussed and my comments follows :

The design will consider two scenarios : touch screen enabled devices like most PDAs and smart phones and those were screen navigation is performed with a keyboard or similar, like most cell phones.

This is great since we must admit that not all phone user uses PDA, still the majority of the users are using the smart Phones. and in reality smart phone is more affordable.

The main window looks very clean with a thin title bar, a main toolbar that can be hidden by tapping on the title bar and features a refresh/stop button, a location/search bar and Firefox 3-style star/bookmarks button.

Above mentioned feature is nice. Even the interface is great.

A tap in the location/search bar calls the device on-screen keyboard to enter either a web address or search terms.The press the Go button to visit the web address, the search button to perform a search or cancel.


The star button displays the list of bookmarks on a single tap. Double tap to bookmark the current page.

Another good features since in Internet explorer one has to got to favorites in the below part of the navigation.

Zoom-In and Zoom-Out buttons do a full page zooming (images included) just like Firefox 3 will do. You can then pan a web page by tapping and dragging around.

This is cool since Internet explorer does not have this feature

Mozilla is also providing XUL prototypes, (I used the touch screen enabled one for the screenshots ), so you can try the proposed interface on a working prototype with a few limitations though.

Make sure to read the complete specifications.

This is a great move for Mozilla. I have been asking for this feature since last year. I like the screen capture shown above. the elegance it has. It is just good.

However will it be paid or free ?

With those changes in the mobile world. I believe you should be thinking now of making your blog a mobile ready site and enrolling to Admob for monetizing your site. The decision is your be left behind ? or be on track ?

Thanks to Migs

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