Apple iPhone Available in Saudi Arabia

Apple iPhone had made some Buzz when it was launched. It is now available in Saudi Arabia although the prize is very high at about SR 2500 Riyals ( US$ 667 ) you will be able to get your iPhone. ( UNLOCKED Apple iPhone 8GB Any GSM, Worldwide )

I have seen it before in Panda having big banners at their front gate. Some of my friends told me it is also available in Extra Store.

I just don’t know the extent of warranty since this is a hacked phone, I wonder if they give one. Which is a big risk from the buyer. A friend of mine visit me at the office and He has his own iPhone from Thailand.

Is it available in Philippines?

What are the Application you may use for your Apple iPhone

There are lots of Application that could be used for iPhone.

Here is the top 10 apple iPhone Application for the week :

  1. iDuckHunt by Jirbo
  2. JirboMatch
  3. Gravity
  4. StarMash Celebrity News
  5. iBlogMovie by MobileGates |
  6. JirboBlocks
  7. JirboJam
  8. Fat-Free Poker
  9. Picasa Web Albums Mobile
  10. Solitaire Revolution – iGiki

You can even developed your application and submit it to Apple. You might be the next superstar at Apple, Who knows 🙂

I may not have Apple but lots of information is available at the Net because of the buzz it has made. But I believe that as of this moment I don’t have to replace my I-mate PDAL. It works fine with my newly installed DSL connection thru Wi Fi.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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        @Dexter Panganiban, im not sure if this is open line, i ask mobily they said employees it will not work another sim like sawa its ok with but the time to go back the philippines maybe it will not work then. i dont have exact information if this open line or not,unlocked or locked..

  1. 7
    Mohammad Momtaj Ali

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz i wanna buy iphone 3gs from united state so i wanna ask if it works in saudia Arabia ? ans also after some time i will go to india same i phone working in india ? and the second thing what shall i tell the seller so he can give an iphone works in ksa? and one more thing how much does it cost (around? ) plzzzz give me an answer as sooon as possible… and plz tell me if i can unlock it here in ksa….

  2. 11
    Alberto Gomez

    We are selling the black berry bold 9000 for sale at a very cheap and affordable price.It’s brand new,unlocked to any network and comes with an international one-year warranty from apple.

    Interested buyers should please contact us through Email:[email protected],
    Mr Alberto Gomez
    Sales and logistics.

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    FriendFeed has a New iPhone interface : Tech At Hand dot Net | Philippine, Blogging, SEO & Tips

    […] And to those without iPhone and want to visit their site thru their PDA you can always use, I cannot test this site but I think this is very useful to those techie guys who own iPhone. Based on their picture the site is cool and techie. If only it is affordable in Saudi Arabia I would buy one. But the price is multiplied to almost 3 times. Not a best option to buy when You are in Saudi Arabia. […]

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