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5 Informative Observation from my StumbleUpon Experience

Dec 18, 2007 by     5 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, Money Matters

Have you tried and tested stumble upon? I am testing the use of Stumble Upon buy Stumbling my recent post, and here is my observations, I just hope that it will help you optimized your site be known in your niche.

  1. StumbleUpon can’t give you lot’s of money
  2. It can give you new potential regular readers
  3. It can increase your Feed Subscriber
  4. It referrers visitors with low Bounce Rate
  5. It gets higher bandwidth from site.

Observation explained in detail below :

StumbleUpon Can’t Give You Lot’s of Money

It cannot give right away a lot’s of money but in a long run it might help you since since it aids in increasing your readership. But if you are thinking that Stumble Upon can gives you lots of Click thru you Adsense, You are only dreaming. 🙂

It Can Give You New Potential Regular Readers

It is true that it can gives you a potential regular readers, That is if they can get the information that they want from your site. I usually save to bookmarks those site I find in Stumble for me to later come back on that site. I got 89.78% New visits and a possible regular Visitors for my site.

It Can Increase Your Feeds Subscribers

A Professional blogger always need information resources, If I find the site that I stumble has a potential source of information for my niche, I usually subscribe via Email or feeds, If I cannot find one. It also happens on this site from about 30 subscriber becomes about 45 , So I gain 15 from this little experiment. And I just hope that they will stay checking out my updated feeds and there is also a probability of linking to my site.

I have increased my feed subscriber and there are also some that forgets to verify their subscription thru email.

It Refers Visitors With Low Bounce Rate

While doing the experiment if I have seen that the Bounce Rate is lower which is good. About 31.92 % of my site Visitors turned to be interesting into my other post. By Computation 2,985 x 31.92% = 952 Unique Viewers turned to be clicking other post at my blog.

It Gets Higher Bandwidth From site

The quantity of unique visitors might affect your band width, So just be sure you have enough bandwidth for this spike. Blogspot.com and WordPress.com does not have to worry about this since they are not having their own hosting. I have an approximately 400 Unique Visitor on average for all the site that I stumble.

Final Say about my Experience

Below graph shows the spike for the Unique visitors that this site have during Dec 1,2007 to Dec 18,2007 those are days that I am testing StumbleUpon for this site.

StumbleUpon is good to advertise your site, but be sure to provide a proper tag for your stumbled items so that the same people with interest on that niche will be visiting your site. Be prepare for such huge visitor. But still Search Engine is the best referrer that a Site could ever have. The more referred visitors from Search Engine the more chance of earning money online with this PPC Advertisement such as Adsense and Others.

If anybody want to be a friend of mine in Stumble Upon my address is http://rexted.stumbleupon.com/

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  • Thank’s for the link. I think I have watched it already, Since it was given last year. Right now my company administrator has warned all employee on downloading big files. So I’ll just read the text files. It’s been a long time since I have heard from You. Nice to see you back here.

  • i read this last year and yeah… unfortunately, the only way to kill those MFA sites off your links is through the limited CAF.. ive used all 200 block slots and MFA links are still swarming my sites.. not to mention i filled up the CAF list manually for almost 5 months.

    anyway, i hope you can read this link there in M.E. (hope it’s not blocked)

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