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How To Make Sure That Your post shows will show up in Trackback links ?

Dec 18, 2007 by     8 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips

Ever wonder why your link on other WordPress site is not shown on their Trackback list. The common mistakes is when you are linking on other site you usually make copy of the URL that you find above Your Fire fox or Internet Explorer URL Address.

Did you know that by doing there is a possibility that your Trackback in certain WordPress Blog will not be recognize. This is because most of the WordPress Blog has a Trackback address. It happens to me many times. Then I loose the chance of what I have shared you before regarding Trackbacks.

How Will you find a Trackback Address ?

It is sometime shown at the lower portion of the WordPress blog post. If it is not visible, You just have to add the  ” trackback/ ” from all your links. For example instead of using the following link :

I Have Learn My Lesson on How to Earn from linking to Other Site

Try to use

I Have Learn My Lesson on How to Earn from linking to Other Site

In this way you could be able to see your post address on their Trackback Links. This is just a tip that sometimes even old blogger miss. Then my tips regarding WordPress Trackback will be used.

This tip is Applicable if you are linking in a WordPress Blog.

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  • am learning! =) thanks bro!

      Welcome sa blog ko 🙂 Glad to be of help. So how’s blogging in Saudi Arabia.. Hope everything is doing great..

  • i ‘ve read your page and will try your suggestion. it’s really my desire to go into blogging.

    • @leyte,

      Hope everything is doing great at your blogging career 🙂

  • thanks brod.I learn a lot on your site, the tips on blog routine.

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