Samsung launched their Mobile Phone Projector

I have been waiting for this for quite some time. I remember talking to my kids about this. I never realized this will be released sooner than I thought.

The Samsung W7900, dubbed the ‘Show’ is a multimedia phone with a built-in projector. It has just been launched in Korea and soon in US.

It has a 3.2in OLED display, a digital TV tuner, 5MP camera and a DLP digital projector from Texas Instruments, capable of firing a bright 50in image on a wall or any other surface.

I expect that this will be also be available here soon in Riyadh. Enjoy the video. 🙂

Michelle Panganiban

Michelle is a Mom Blogger that also blogs at her Personal Blog " Myjournal ", She is a Civil Engineer by Profession. She loves blogging about Technology and Christian faith.

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        @Michelle |, ohhh.. thanks michelle 😀 pero cool tong phone projector. kung may e demo ka or speaker ka ng isang seminar pwede mo gamitin ang phone for slide shows, etc. hehehe.. convenient pa.. a projector in your pocket 😀

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