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Lim Ding Wen A Nine Year Old Programmer

Feb 8, 2009 by     20 Comments    Posted under: Apple

Doodle Kids | Lim Ding Wen If most of the kids at the age of 9 is playing cards and video games. For Lim Ding Wen, A nine-year-old Malaysian boy in Singapore it’s different because he loves to do programming iPhone Application. He made a painting application for the Apple iPhone called Doodle Kids which was love by iPhone users because it generated 4000 downloads already.

Lim Ding Wen’s iPhone application will enable the user to draw on his iPhone using his fingers. It was initially made for his 2 younger sister who love to draw.

Lim, who is now fluent in six programming languages, first started using a computer when he was two-years-old, discovered programming aged seven, and has since completed more than 20 programming projects.

I think his love in programming is influenced by his father Lim Thye Chean – a chief technology officer at a local hi-tech firm who also writes iPhone applications.

So no wonder if you can see my daughter and son blogging 🙂 .

Source : http://news.bbc.co.uk

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  • hehehe…weird diba?hehe pa add naman po sa blog nyo oh…hehe

    meron d2 sa phil. 14 year old programmer…

    he is also a virus maker at nakagawa na xa ng 4 na virus…

  • sana may capsule like na laptop para ipainom sa mothers para fetus palang programmer na..hehehe

  • hehehe,.. astig to.. next time merong kaka labas pa lang sa tiyan ni mommy at tumatalon na at nagsasalita ng “NYOK” hehehehe.. ^__^

    jehzlaus last blog post..The Blue Stickman First IQ Puzzle Winner Is…

    • @jehzlau,
      Ha ha ha.. at susunod magbabasa na rin ng blog at mag SEO na rin 🙂

    • @jehzlau, Dexter Panganiban

      hahaha uu nga.
      Ako proud ako kay Gboi ko 😀 3 yrs old marunong na magopen at magpipindot sa ng laptop at computer, alam na din maglaro ng flash games almost no supervision :). Pero pag gusto ko na sya magaral magblog sa INYO ko paturo ah. please target ko mga 10yrs old or earlier hahaha

      Jersons last blog post..Basic Mountaineering – Mt. Talamitam climbing experience

  • Influence na nga ng parents siguro ang dahilan at genes na din. Aba ako nga di ko kaya yan! Hahaha.

  • These kind of news is not new these days. As matter of fact the youngest IT professional to date is an 8 year old boy who passed MCSA examination.

    huan22s last blog post..Unofficial Windows 7 Price List

    • @huan22,

      Hmm.. Ooopss I am a bit delayed about this info. Anyway I am just fascinated with those kids that have such an achievement

      • @Dexter Panganiban,

        hahhah, anyways, I have seen the SDK for iPhone, I have to say that it isn’t that hard to make an iPhone app. The iPhone primarily employs high-level programming languages which makes it almost human readable. Much like using VB .Net or Java except for the difference in function names and etc.

        huan22s last blog post..My Phone: Cloud Backup for Phones

      • @huan22,

        I am not a programmer.. But it seem the way you say it.. Soon you will introduce your iPhone application :).. Just let me know and I will shout it out here in my blog.

        But first I need to by an iphone to test.. 🙂

        Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Nets last blog post..Lim Ding Wen A Nine Year Old Programmer

      • @Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Net,

        I also have to buy an iPhone before i can confidently make an iPhone app, but the problem is I dont have enough money to buy an iPhone. Maybe I can buy one when Apple launch an iPhone 2 or something that goes beyond the iPhone. hahahahaha

        huan22s last blog post..My Phone: Cloud Backup for Phones

      • @huan22,

        Iphone is still expensive here in Saudi Arabia. That is why I am not yet thinking of buying one

        Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Nets last blog post..Mobile World Congress @ Barcelona on February 16-19, 2009

      • @huan22,

        You get a virtual IPHONE for testing with the SDK. You absolutely do NOT need an IPHONE to develop apps for it.

  • Grabe hehehe. Wiz kid na yan. I hope he still continues to be wiz till he gets to be adult.

    Most often I wonder how those super-duper intelligent kids end up. Di kaya sila nahihirapan socially? Di rin kaya sila nahihirapan pagtanda nila? At that time when they get old their wiz kid wonder wears out na and they become ordinary people, you and me, so the limelight does not shine on them anymore.

    • @Gem,

      I think they end up not knowing how to play “sipa” “syato” etc.. not to mention ” piko “

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