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Cool Angry Birds to Launch Space Tomorrow, March 22

Mar 21, 2012 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Gaming

angry-birds-space-logo-630 (1)

Good news to Angry Birds lovers, the new angry bird game called Angry Birds Space will be available tomorrow, March 22, 2012, as reported by GSMARENA blog.

The game will not have the usual earth setting but rather have a space adventure setting. There are still six birds available for gamers. Many believe that space looks will have a better look compared to its predecessor. The angry birds includes useless red bird, the black bird with the power to explodes, the yellow bird that turns purple, the blue bird that breaks up into small three birds and the green big one. A new angry bird will be introduced which has the power to break structure when it turns into ice.

Angry Bird space can be downloaded starting tomorrow, March 22. The new game will be able to work with iOS, Windows, Android and Mac. Angry bird is a hit online game that was first introduces under Apple’s iOS by its developer Rovio Mobile, the Finnish computer game. The game was then introduced at Android operating system and others to develop a compatible version for touchscreen smartphones and tablets designs.

Check out the The official trailer for Angry Birds Space as shown below:

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  • I am enjoying this game on my Android phone. My sister is kinda sad as she wants the Temple Run on her Galaxy Y but currently not supported. So for now she is playing this game instead. 😀

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