Google Chrome OS Announced

I might be late with this one since it goes out in the market about a week ago but anyway it is better late than never 🙂

So is this the start of Microsoft Competition when it comes to Operating System ( OS ) , It has been announced that Google is coming out with a new operating system: Google Chrome OS. : a Linux-based operating system designed specifically for getting to the Web and Web apps faster. This is great news for us consumers because of the competition. But the problem is will it be compatible with most of the program that we are using. More consideration needs to be studied by Google.

After Google Chrome Browser now they are focused in Google Chrome OS. They are truly expanding.

Dexter Panganiban

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    The more competition the better for us!!! definitely true… if Chrome OS is another variant of Linux then google programmers will definetely have a hard time configuring it. Hope this works out, Still imagining how it will differ to other O.S., I mean Firefox is like a Swiss knife for me, how will they make web apps load much faster

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