Tech At Hand reached 1000 Blog Post

I am just proud to announced that this post is my 1001th post here in Tech At Hand Dot Net , This blog is authored by me and my wife Michelle . I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who made comments and links to this blog and also to my regular visitors . This domain has been up for almost 2 years but archives will show you some blogs dated 3 years back since I have migrated my previous blog post from my old blogspot blogs to here.

Here is the statistics of this blog , Thanks to 6314 comments that was made to this blog. I am averaging to 1 post per day and  I am planning to increase this post frequency but other personal matters is restricting me to do this.

Tech At Hand Dot Net

Tech At Hand Dot Net started as a Personal blog and later become a mixed Tech and SEO blogs. This blog tackles present technology and some post about being Problogger and how to make money online. This blog also hijack keywords, so out of 1000 blog post you may found some post in the archives that is made for Search Engine and not for normal readers.  Sometimes those Search Engine visitors is becoming interested in those post and later become my regular readers.

I use Google Analytics to check growth of this blog. and I can say that Tech At Hand Dot Net has grown. I would also like to thank those groups and individual who have recognized my work in this blog.

They say that passing the 1000 blog post mark is really hard to attain , well that is why I am blogging about it, and I hope this will be an encouragement to others so that they will be able to continue their passion in writing in order to attain the same amount of post I made.

I only write those topics that interest me and can give additional income :)  . I can also say that God used this blog as an additional source of income for me and my family and I give glory to Him.

One thing I learn from blogging is to give your readers what they want and they will crave for more. It is easy to hijack keywords but you have to give them alternatives and you should show them that you did not bring them in your blog just to fool them.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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  1. 2

    Wow congrats! Ako in 6 months eh may 132 posts pa lang. At my current rate, aabutin ata ako ng 4 years before ko maabot ang 1000 posts, hehe..

  2. 12

    That’s a lot of posts! Huwaw! Time to celebrate indeed!

    I haven’t reached that milestone yet. I know I will reach that – hopefully if I would be able to find time in between freelance work to blog again.

  3. 20
    Dr Lawrence Tinio

    Thanks for the suggestion=)

    Please excuse a noob for asking, but which permalinks should I change?

    Flattered that I got a category =)

    Thanks again

  4. 22
    Dr Lawrence Tinio

    One Thousand! Wow, as someone new in Blogging I can only dream to be like you =) Added your link (you can see how new I am with the number of links I have). I grabbed a few advices from your blog as I was starting, so you can say my blog has some genetic materials from your blog, he he. More power and hoping to read your 2,000th post =)

    • 23
      Dexter Panganiban

      @Dr Lawrence Tinio,
      Your blog is interesting specially to us who does not understand medicine 🙂 .. Glad to know that this blog is helping you in a way.. I have also added a new category in my link.. and call it Medical Tips 🙂 ..

      Just a suggestion better change your permalinks while it is still early.. It will be hard for the search engine to change it later… Just my suggestion

  5. 28
    ariston | money-tise online

    Congrats on your 1000 posts, sir Dex! 🙂

    uhmm, kaya ko kayang gawin ‘yan?
    btw, i like your last sentence “It is easy to hijack keywords but you have to give them alternatives and you should show them you did not bring them in your blog just to fool them”… sakto!

  6. 30
    Jerick Mac

    wow! congrats po! naks naman. ang daming posts na, so far po eh ako ay may 137 post na din, ehehe. thanks nga pla po sa pagbisita sa blog ko. hoping for exlinks. salamat po/.

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