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Search Engine Rankings : Where Should We Optimize ?

Feb 23, 2008 by     6 Comments    Posted under: Gooogle, SEO Tips

Search Engine January Total SearchesWhat search engine are you using ? A question to all of us. Which site can give us a better result. Is it Google, Yahoo, MSN, MSN , AOL or others. Knowing this facts will lead you to know on which search engine you need to optimized .

Comscore just released a report regarding Internet searches for the month of January and it reveals the following information :

Google Sites – 7.7 billion searches

Yahoo! – almost 2.5 billion searches

Microsoft – 1.1 billion searches

AOL – 903 million searches (this is powered by Google)

Ask.com – over 400 million searches.

Below is the screen capture of the detailed report You can press the picture to get a larger view:January 2008 U.S. Search Engine Rankings

So where do you think you need to optimize ? 🙂

Source : [ report ]

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  • yupp.. Money is in google.. so better optimize where the money is.

  • Google is the best one to optimized but we should also consider Yahoo since there are still users use Yahoo.

  • There is a lot of opportunity in Google. Although we also have to consider yahoo

  • Google definately gives better result.

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