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CTRL combination shortcut keys for Microsoft Excel

Jun 24, 2007 by     No Comments    Posted under: microsoft excel

Commonly Used Alt Keys (Shortcut) in Microsoft ExcelIf you like my earlier post about the Microsoft Excel Hot key, I think you will also like this one.

The following lists contain CTRL combination shortcut keys, function keys, and some other common Microsoft Excel shortcut keys, along with descriptions of their functionality.

Microsoft Excel CTRL Key Description

CTRL+( Unhides any hidden rows within the selection
CTRL+) Unhides any hidden columns within the selection
CTRL+& Applies the outline border to the selected cells.
CTRL+_ Removes the outline border from the selected cells.
CTRL+~ Applies the General number format.
CTRL+$ Applies the Currency format with two decimal places (negative numbers in parentheses).
CTRL+% Applies the Percentage format with no decimal places.
CTRL+^ Applies the Exponential number format with two decimal places.
CTRL+# Applies the Date format with the day, month, and year.
CTRL+@ Applies the Time format with the hour and minute, and AM or PM.
CTRL+! Applies the Number format with two decimal places, thousands separator, and minus sign (-) for negative Values
CTRL+- Displays the Delete dialog box to delete the selected cells.
CTRL+* Selects the current region around the active cell (the data area enclosed by blank rows and blank columns). In a PivotTable, it selects the entire PivotTable report.
CTRL+: Enters the current time
CTRL+; Enters the current date
CTRL+` Alternates between displaying cell values and displaying formulas in the worksheet.
CTRL+’ Copies a formula from the cell above the active cell into the cell or the Formula Bar.
CTRL+” Copies the value from the cell above the active cell into the cell or the Formula Bar.
CTRL++ Displays the Insert dialog box to insert blank cells.

I have used Microsoft Excel for the past  6 Years. And Microsoft Excel really helps me a lot on various calculation. Hope it will help you also.

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