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Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Service Launched

Jun 30, 2011 by     1 Comment    Posted under: microsoft excel, Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Service LaunchedMicrosoft launches Office 365 cloud service which was reported last October, launched yesterday- The service provides familiar Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, along with Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Lync, in a cloud model.

It is design to make sharing of files a lot easier and updated in different machine. I use dropbox in having my files synchronize in different computers. This system helps me a lot in making sure that every file that I have in each computer is updated.. The primary aim of this service is to provide integration of applications and collaboration services, making it much easier for workers to share files and communicate. It is reported that the service is now available in 40 countries worldwide but not in middle east. , with prices starting from $2 per user per month, up to $27 for the full suite of services and support It is a wise decision of Microsoft to make office in cloud. Microsoft is targeting the service at all levels of businesses, and says it can be set up in minutes.

“Great collaboration is critical to business growth, and because it’s so important, we believe the best collaboration technology should be available to everyone,” According to Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer . “With a few clicks, Office 365 levels the playing field, giving small and midsize businesses powerful collaboration tools that have given big businesses an edge for years.”

But of course this will also be very useful to those who have a fast internet connection.

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  • Good product, but I think it is too late for Microsoft. I may be wrong, but it looks like Google has great advantage in cloud services. Microsoft has noticed that technology is changing, but it may be too late. Five years ago, nobody believed in Google’s model. Nowadays, everyone is following what Google does.

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