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I-mate to release 30 times more powerful than Apple’s new iPhone

Jun 24, 2007 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Gadget, Mobile

According to arabianbusiness.com is to unveil the most advanced mobile phone ever seen in the Middle East in September at the annual – a device 30 times more powerful than Apple’s new iPhone, CEO Jim Morrison has exclusively revealed to Arabian Business.

“The Ultimate phone range will be vastly superior to anything the Middle East has ever seen,” Morrison told Arabian Business from Seattle, USA.

“No other phone device will be able to drive a 42-inch plasma TV, project high definition videos from the phone onto a TV, play and download iTunes – you can’t download iTunes onto another phone.”

According to the i-mate CEO, as smartphones, the Ultimate devices will allow consumers to download songs over-the-air (without cables) directly onto their phones rather than have to connect to a computer via a USB cable, while iPhones will require users to load songs by connecting it via a cable on your computer.

Another advantage that i-mate CEO is claiming is the cost of iPhone is very high compared to the new Ultimate I-mate Phone that they will release.

But if they will not do good advertisement of this new phone, It will not also hit the market. We all know that iPhone had made a very good advertising that is why everyone is eager to know and eagerly waiting for its official market launching.

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