Nokia 2626

Last month I bought my Nokia 2626 so that I have a phone to be used for Smart Roaming Purpose. Yup that’s right I am using 2 phone, one is I-mate PDAL and other one is Nokia 2626. I have decided to buy this Phone so that my relatives could easily contact me by paying the same rate that they are paying when they send messages to anyone in the Philippines. That will be equal to PHP 1 not unlike if they will try to send message at my International Number it will cost them PHP 15.

Nokia 2626 – Tune into style

The Nokia 2626 is a colorful mobile phone designed for style-conscious consumers in emerging markets. The Nokia 2626 will be available in a range of bold colors, such as Fiery Red and Spatial Blue

And since they can save from sending me a message sometimes it is hard for me to reply back since If I will reply to them I will be charged about PHP 5.5. So the device that I have made to save some money is by sending SMS to them via where I will only be charged PHP 1. You can visit my post to know how this works.

And Now here is my Review:

I recommend this phone to other Filipinos around the world who is looking for a cheap Nokia phone that will serve it’s purpose. It can also be use as a POP mail receiver if your network allows it.It can also be used in Internet. I bought this in a very cheap price of US$ 59. I is also very handy and has a nice color. By the way my phone color is Spatial Blue. I just can’t get other picture with my that color that is why I used pink in the pic.

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