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How E-mail being track

Jun 14, 2007 by     7 Comments    Posted under: Tips and Tricks

It’s been a long question in my memory on how do investigators track the location of the e-mail. Until I found out a post from Daily Cup of Tech that E-Mail could be track using the Email Header. I tried to understand this thing and stopspam.org helps a lot also to understand how it can be done.

You can also see some useful information regarding the anatomy of the email here , here and

Below listed Online tools has also been identified by Daily Cup Tech as a useful tools when it come to Email Tracking

  • Email Graphic Traceroute – A very useful and easy to use tool. Simply paste your header into the web page and it will generate a Google map mashup showing you exactly where the e-mail has gone.
  • Geobytes Free Services – A huge list of useful free services that all rely on being able to associate an IP address to a physical location. These services include:
  • DNS Report – A very comprehensive look at a specific domain name. Also provides an option to check an e-mail address.
  • Network Tools – A lot of very useful IP and DNS tools including:
    • ping
    • lookup
    • trace route
    • whois

In general there are still ways to alter this header by a professional hackers I may say.. and definitely i am not that one. If any of you have more information on how to get this header in an email it will be appreciated to increase knowledge about this things. But frankly speaking I am still having a hard time to get this header. Because I cannot find it on my outlook. LOL

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  • @ Admin,

    Thanks for the info.. But aside from the methods mentioned above do you have any other method to track the email.?

  • The fact that you can track email by the message header is not always revelatory, as some of the info stops at the ISP level, nor does this stop the email from coming in in the first place. http://www.templatestaff.com

  • @ keikun

    really those spammer are head ache..

  • though there are LOTS for spammers to fake them

  • Thanks TIm, I found out but on my outlook its on VIEW >>>> Options.. Thanks a lot I spend some time in knowing that ha ha ha.. It is really a bog help.

  • You can get the headers from an e-mail in Outlook by opening the e-mail and then going to Tools -> Options. The header is near the bottom.


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