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BuyBlogReviews.com A new Paid Reviews Site

Feb 11, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Money Matters, Problogging - Make Money Online

There is a new possible source of income for all of the bloggers and web Publishers. I just joined this out of curiosity. Rhyan.net post gave me an idea to join. This is just the same as Sponsoredreviews.com, Reviewme, etc. I am just sharing this with my Readers who might be interested in being paid for reviews.

BTW this blog is not doing lots of Paid Review, Well actually I do not remember doing in this blog. But anyway if there is, I cannot remember it.

Please be informed that those graphics shown above has an affiliate links that means when you press it and you start earning. I will earn 15% from your first review [ Be sure to get a high paid review 🙂 ] . And if you are an advertiser I will earn 15% on what you will spend. Just for your information.

I have set my review to $50.00 an of course if it is not within my blogs topic, I will not write it.

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